Cedar Park Bicentennial Marker — February 24, 2018
On February 24, 2018 at 10:00 am, as part of the 200th Alabama Bicentennial Celebration and the first project of the Loxley Bicentennial Committee, Cedar Street Park was honored with the placement of a Historical Marker, Bicentennial Tree and Flower Garden. The Mayor presented a Proclamation, the Loxley Elementary Glee Club will perform and refreshments were provided.

A focal point of the celebration was the Bicentennial Covered Wagon selling the Bicentennial Cookbook (a reprint of a 1925 United Methodist Church of Loxley) and Bicentennial T-Shirts.

The Bicentennial Committee also took the occasion to introduce The Friends of Cedar Street Park. A neighborhood association created for our neighbors to get to know each other and use Cedar Street Park for group activities.