Sanitary Sewer Overflow

“The Town of Loxley reports a sanitary sewer overflow has occurred at 5150 S. Magnolia St. in Loxley. The approximate volume spilled is 268,901 gallons.

 The overflow resulted from a malfunction to the WWTP’s disinfection system that caused partially treated effluent to be discharged into Fish River. The Town of Loxley is taking all necessary steps to limit public health hazards or potentially harmful effects on the environment.

 The Alabama Department of Environmental Management and Baldwin County Health Department has been notified.

 If you have any questions regarding this press release, please contact the Utility Office at (251) 964-7644.”


Honoring our People

We need community participation for Loxley’s Founder’s Day Celebration!

Ways you can share your Family’s Stories

Postcard Contest
We will be printing 8 postcards to sell at the event. We are asking for you to submit photos. Photos must be black and white, they will not be returned instead displayed at the event. Please write the names on the back of the photo.

These are the eight categories:

The deadline is October 25, 2019. Please submit to Loxley Town Hall window in envelope marked “Graphic Penguin”. You can send by mail to Graphic Penguin, PO Box 554, Loxley AL 36551.

Memory Jars
We will be displaying Memory Jars at the event, it can be yours or your family. Please drop off your jar on Friday, November 8, by noon, make sure your name is visible on the jar. You can pick up on Monday, November 11 or take home after event.