Loxley Volunteer Fire Department, originally started in 1964, is strictly a volunteer organization dedicated to keeping the citizens of Loxley safe. The chain of command is Fire Chief, Deputy Fire Chief, Batt. Fire Chief and one Lieutenant. Outside the chain of command we have a Chaplain.

The original fire station was located on Holly Street close to the town’s original water tank. In the 1970s, the building next to the station was included as the business center of the department. In 1997, the town built the first of two state of the art fire stations on Railroad Street. The building has six bays, a large training room, offices, restrooms and a kitchen. The building also houses a second floor where up to 24 fire fighters can sleep. It took 1 1/2 years to complete it.

The Railroad Street Fire Station holds two fire engines, a ladder truck, a service truck, a firefighter transport vehicle, two command vehicles, and a brush truck. The building is also designed to house many more items necessary to fight fires.