Recognizing a Leak
Although Loxley no longer provides a natural gas service, we provide information here in case of emergency. It is highly unlikely for natural gas leaks to occur due to regular maintenance activities, but they can occur. Natural gas is colorless, odorless, shapeless, tasteless, and lighter than air and non-toxic. Natural gas is, however, highly combustable and will suffocate as it replaces the oxygen content in a closed environment. A chemical called Mercaptan, whose odor resembles the smell of rotten eggs, is added to the gas to help you detect a possible leak.

If you smell gas:
Leave the area immediately.
Call your local gas provider, Riviera Utilities, or 911 from a neighboring home or business.
Never turn any switches on or off.
Never use any equipment that can create an electrical spark.
Do not attempt to extinguish a natural gas fire if one ignites.
If secondary fires ignite, extinguish them if they can be extinguished safely.
Do not attempt to operate any gas valves.