The Town of Loxley has chosen the Mayor/Council form of government. The mayor and five councilpersons are elected at large from the voting population within the city limits. The council meets twice per month. The last Monday at 6:00 pm of each month is the town council work session and the second Monday at 6:00 pm is the council official meeting.

Richard Lee Wilson
Town Council

Jeffrey T. Knight
Town Council

Katherine Q. Breed
Town Council

Richard L. Teal
Town Council

Kasey Childress
Town Council

Melissa Lawrence
Town Clerk/Treasurer

The council work session is the meeting where all items of business are presented to the council for the first time. It is also the meeting where all details and discussions on all pending topics are made prior to the actual council meeting held on the second Monday. Other items that are discussed include capital outlays; proclamations; salaries; hiring and firing of employees; and anything else that affects the town.

The official meeting on the second Monday of each month is where the council makes formal decisions relating to all business of the town. Limited presentations by the public is allowed at this time, but citizens are welcome to voice concerns or opinions during this assembly. Items brought up for vote have been previously discussed during committee meetings or the council work session.

In order to be put on the agenda for either meeting, a citizen must make arrangements with the town clerk. Contact the town clerk here.

Special sessions and emergency session of the town council can be called by the Mayor for any reason necessary for the smooth operations of the town.